The right sales content,
right when you want it

Naro brings together knowledge and content from your company, your peers, and your industry and makes it work in your workflow.

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Works where your sellers already work

Naro sits in the background, using contextual clues to proactively select the right content and messaging for each customer conversation, from emails to meetings.

Works natively in Gmail and Google Workspace

Integrates with Salesforce, Gong, Zoom, and more!

Screenshot of Naro for Gmail
Screenshot of Naro's curation and tagging

Ingests content and automatically curates

Naro automatically identifies key attributes of your content and organizes it on-the-fly, significantly reducing onboarding time.

Automatically summarizes and organizes content based on tags and topics

Ingests and syncs with Google Drive and web content

Illuminates insights and trends across channels

Naro's data-first approach lets you explore engagement by content, topic, and account attributes - enabling deeper insights into sales enablement opportunities than ever before.

See how sellers and buyers engage with content

Gain insights into the topics and objections that were addressed with messaging and content

Screenshot of Naro's content analytics