Put your content in the conversation

Naro's AI instantly unifies your existing content, messaging, and knowledge and puts it in front of your sellers when and where they need it (in emails, meetings, Slack and beyond!)

Increases content utilization and adoption
Uses AI to source the best content and messaging
Works in email, web, meetings and more

Works where your sellers work

Naro isn't another destination or tool to learn – it works where your sellers work, giving them instant access to AI-powered content and knowledge recommendations.

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Stay in the moment

Naro proactively surfaces content where and when your sellers need it, without the need to switch tools or search. It works natively in their inbox and connects to every customer meeting on their calendars.

Your team's best responses and content, right in their email

Naro sits in your sellers' email and helps them respond to questions and objections with battle-tested responses and content.

Move deals forward with knowledge-rich follow ups

Instead of just recapping a meeting, Naro's automatic follow-up emails identify opportunities to include content and knowledge to move the conversation forward.

Let your content answer questions for you

When you add content to Naro, you're building a living knowledge library that can help your sellers answer questions – even if they don't know where to start.

Launch your library in days, not months.

Naro was purpose-built to make it easier (and faster!) to launch your sales content library. Our AI ingestion engine automatically unifies and curates your content, so you can focus on building great content.

With Naro

AI-powered onboarding
Automatically ingests blogs, case studies, and more
Extracts, summarizes, and highlights
Uses your existing taxonomy to tag and organize
Ingests unstructured content from internal wikis
Turns long-form content into actionable snippets


Manual onboarding
Marketing has to track down files across drives, web, and more
Manual uploading and tagging
Limited support for web content and snippets
Unstructured content requires separate effort
No built-in generative AI functionality

Ready to see how Naro can help you get more out of your existing content?